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Boach Pie Hi Rachio

I dreamed about the Arabian desert. I was with my sound engineer Steve after a show putting equipment away - and it started to rain. It was really weird because it was the desert. There was a tall man with a thick robe that said "I don't speak any English", yet I could understand him perfectly.    I asked him how to say 'good afternoon' in Arabian, and he told me, but I could not hear him very well. So I got closer. I asked him again and he said "Boach Pie Hi Rachio", but I still could not understand him so I got right in front of him. He was about 3 or 4 feet taller than me [I'm 6'6"] his robe was like a carpet rolled up around him - I could not see his arms! Somehow I knew that he had swords hidden on the inside of the robe and that he was ready to take my head off. "Boach Pie Hi Rachio!!" he yelled at me like I was deaf. So I started to repeat the words to myself so I would not forget and then I woke up and wrote down the entire dream.

I think it might be a message from the outside or the inside - I sampled the phrase and played it backwards and sideways to see if it means anything in English but did not come up with anything.  I even illuminated this dream to a Krishna Monk and he had no idea.  
Please E-mail me if you know what it means.

I dreamed that I was standing near the front of a large ship.  Everything was a beautiful blue color.  The ship, the sea, the sky all blue.  I noticed a person dressed all in white (but the person was really in blue because of the dream) standing to my right.  The person was saying something to me, trying to tell me something, but I never could understand it it was like some sort of sound barrier was blocking my ability to hear.   Like having ear plugs in or something.  But the really weird thing was we are on the ocean and from where I was standing could look in any direction and the ship would follow my gaze.   Then off to the left horizon I saw a huge vertical cloud (also blue because of the dream) and as I looked in that direction the ship moved directly toward it.  As we got closer to the cloud on the left, the person on my right kept talking to me.  The cloud was pretty cool - a vertical cloud that touched the sky and water......  Please E-mail me if you know what it means.

clouds over south america_small.jpg (9233 bytes) I took this picture while flying over South America

I was a little kid and on the way to school. There was a big thunder & lightening storm the night before and the sidewalks & streets were still glistening with the wet. When I got to the school I found a huge dangerous hole in the sidewalk. I stopped and just stood there motionless. No one else seemed to take notice, even when other kids were falling into the hole others just kept on walking like nothing happened. I saw two kids walking side by side one fell into the hole and the other just kept on walking.
I ran to get help. The teachers did not see the hole and some of them even fell into it themselves. I went to the principles office and got her to come with me. She was a very serious middle aged black woman who everyone feared. She did not put up with anything from anybody. We got to the spot where the hole was. The principle could see the hole. She patted me on the head said something to me, and I understood her to mean that she was going to get a repair crew to fix the hole. She told me to go play so I went up the sidewalk and it turned into this huge meadow.

Then we were in a move theater. Toward the end of the film, a whole crew broke into the theater, like 20 - 30 or so. They stopped the movie and the police came. Everyone just sat in their seats watching the crew and the police. When it was over, everyone got up to leave by the street exits. But Coleen and Kevin and I went up to get our money back. The owner needed to see our tickets, so I got mine it said Thursday on it. Coleen's said Thursday too. The Owner gave us this huge pile of money and I was sure that it was more money than we paid for the tickets, but the owner insisted that it was correct.     I guess he gave us everyone's money but they did not ask for it.    Kevin couldn't find his ticket, so I thought that I had it in my pocket. I pulled out another ticket, but it said Tuesday on it and he didn't get any money from the owner, but we gave him some of ours. 

Please E-mail me if you know what it means.

I had a dream last night. We were in a back yard at a nice home. I was talking to Joe who is one of our outside engineers. He looks like a scruffy old shaman, beard and all. We were talking about the music / label project. You were standing just beyond him, and Coleen and the kids were off behind me. It was very peaceful and calm... You were telling us something but......
I looked up and saw a storm an tornado on the way. Big grey black twister. No one was too concerned about this, we did not head for shelter. The storm hit the edges of the yard..... The storm sort of rose up above us like we had some sort of force field around us and you could see the bottom of the tornado as it passed over us. It was all out of focus and it passed over the yard, us and the house and landed on the other side and we just went on as before.

Please E-mail me if you know what it means.

I dreamed that Kelly Kita and I were floating on the ocean. We both had life jackets & dive masks but I also had a SCBA unit. We we surrounded by others who also had floatation jackets on. It was night time, but it must have been quite warm outside because when we spoke we could not see our breath. We both took a huge breath and went under water. We could see structures. It was not a ship more like an office building. There was a lot of light around so we could see pretty good, but I had a flashlight and I pointed it into the darkness and could see schools of small fish. We swam along a wall for some distance. I pointed the flashlight up and could see the people above treading water. I turned to see kelly, we were both about out of air so I reached for the mouth piece on the SCBA unit but it was not there, it had disappeared. We both had a look of slight panic and we swam back to our starting point and rose quickly to the surface and the air. Next thing we saw the dawn rising in the sky
Please E-mail me if you know what it means.

I was working at a factory in a very small town. The town and the factory gradually became infested with poisonous snakes. Conditions were very bad. Everyday workers at the factory would die because of the snakes. A worker would reach into a shadow and become bitten by a snake. There was no cure, if you were bitten you would die. At first the problem was centered in the factory, but then the snakes spread out around the factory and to the town. People were dieing everywhere. The snakes were always waiting.
I was walking out of the factory one day. I had a snake stick with me, I was trying to get to my car and would have to kill a few snakes to get there. We did not know now to get rid of them, but then this Denzel Washington looking guy appears out of nowhere. He was a good man you could tell just by looking at him. He immediately caught and killed a snake that I had not seen. He saved my life, the snake was coiled and ready to strike near my feet. After that he went around catching and killing snakes - all the poison snakes. You could see that he enjoyed killing them. He did it with a smile on his face. For him, killing snakes seemed like a personal vendetta. He knew every trick of the hunt too.
He caught a large rattle snake and instead of killing it he tossed it over to a different kind of poison snake. The two became entwined as they poisoned the other to death. He really got a kick out of that one. He also would put these blender type devices in the snake holes, so the next time a snake crawled back into a hole this device would chop them up into little pieces. But if the snake was the garden variety, he let it live.
He was only in our town for what seemed like a few minutes, but he killed the poison snakes.
We were walking together toward the parking lot. For the first time in a long time I was without the fear of dying -- at least by snake bite. Just as I was thanking this stranger - shaking hands -- an old faded green Dodge Dart drove up. As he got inside the car and he smiled at me got inside and just as suddenly as he arrived - he disappeared. I was standing in a field looking at the clouds that dotted the blue sky.

Please E-mail me if you know what it means.

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