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Rick Denzien knows what it is like to take the wrong and right exit - he is ramping up with a new CD release Exit 21. 

The thought for the Exit 21   CD came while driving the German Autobahn.

"We were on our way to Switzerland - had no idea where we were going but we saw a sign for a little town called Ausfahrt. So I'm the navigator and looking for this little town on a German map - I can't find it.... We are flying like 160 miles per hour and here comes another sign for Ausfahrt. So I figure this is a good sized town, and study the map some more.  But then after a few kilometers, another sign, then another, and another all pointing to Ausfahrt.  Must be some huge city.  I'm thinking this place must be the size of New York with all these exit signs."

They never did find the Ausfahrt city limits because Ausfahrt means exit in German.

"Dah... I felt pretty stupid when they told me that, but it was pretty funny."

Exit 21  is that place on the fringe where the age of innocence meets the age of accountability and where opposing truths collide - smashing old realities and creating new ones.

"The truth on the road is, you never know what's around the next bend."

He knows. Travels have taken him through the Netherlands, Germany and far away as India & Australia... most recently to Colombia, South America.

"One morning - 8:00 AM - just before we were going to Europe our new drummer was driving to rehearsal.  A car crossed over the line and hit him head on, he was killed instantly.  Turned out it was a drunk driver just coming home from an all nighter - that really makes you insanely mad."

"Exit-21 is a spiritual quest to me, the road less traveled, 'Life is a Highway'  theme is definitely there, but that is only one thread on the CD…"

Songs on the Exit 21   CD sum up Denzien's overriding philosophy in axioms that relate deep emotions & experiences - expressed as music and words.

So Clear lyrics "the path to the sky was empty & Mary was smoking down the hall" evoke a controversial image of the blessed virgin smoking a cigarette outside a parochial classroom on a stairwell to nowhere. Denzien gives listeners a glimpse into supernatural / metaphysical realms while remaining completely skeptical.

"I was tortured for my music in grade school. My first music teacher poked my nose with a ball point pen every time I made a mistake until it was black & bloody, it didn't take them long to beat the music out of me."

Denzien was 16 before he picked up music again. One night he walked into a wall of fog in his backyard and emerged with a new desire to play music.

"I don't understand what happened in there, but there was a transformation, I started to write songs, and I've been at it ever since. Some ancient traditions indicate that fog is considered a threshold to another level or dimension, it was pretty exciting."

The music of Exit 21   is as eclectic as it is focused and if Denzien's singer / songwriter lyrics stir up more thought-provoking questions, than answers, it is no wonder. He majored in Religion, Philosophy & Psychology. His sometimes agitated sometimes mellow brand of cross over rock has the same appeal as Dave Matthews Band - Toad the Wet Sprocket. Sort of a Matchbox Twenty meets James Taylor or even Hootie.

Drummer Ronnie Crawford - lisa loeb logo.gif (2268 bytes)lisa loeb - firecracker cover.gif (3558 bytes)Lisa Loeb Fame - Geffen Records - and Bassist Mike Gregos - A Room With a View - Broadway Records - joined Denzien to form the core band on Exit 21.

"In the studio the songs just seemed to click. Ronnie, Mike and I would run the song a few times to get the right feel and we would cut it."

Drummer - J.J. Zeller (Rival Sons - November Records) Bassist Phil Smithburg joined in on the recording of Grind.

"I love to work with these guys it is always a complete blast when ever we are together".

Bass Player - Mike Gregos has this to say

"I like Tabasco sauce, bass ale, Corona with limes, fast cars & fast women. Anything that smells like strawberries. wait anything that smells like fish but tastes like....

Q: why do dogs lick their balls? No the Answer isn't because they's because they can't make a fist!

Oh ok things I hate:

Steve Case and AOL, Puff Daddy & the Family, the new BET - MTV, Celine Dion,
anything that has to do with that movie Titanic, Leonardo di Craprio, Lee Press on Nails, NYC union workers (IBEW), open toed shows, the CLAW hand of cigarette smokers, gigbutt & toe jam, Kenny G, Packard Bell computers, Seinfeld (I know, I must be the only one! add Cindy Crawford to that too)

I could go on and on, but you get the picture."

Mike currently travels the globe for the Obie Sound Company based in Torrance, CA. and thinks of himself as a positive philosopher with out a cause.

"Albino is one of the most talented bass players I know, we clicked the first time we played together live at the Middle East in Philadelphia."

Phil Mills (Oingo Boingo) (Oasis) recorded Rob Vermullen's guitar tracks at Cryptic Recording in the Netherlands.

"It was our first trans Atlantic digital multi track recording, it is amazing that it is even possible to do something like this."

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