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2012-07-23 - Evil So Perfectly Evil

By now you’ve had a little time to process the emotions surrounding latest round of “senseless” shootings.  The Aurora Colorado scenario seems too like so many others in the news...  Only the names & places have changed.  But not the hurt – not the pain.  For the families left behind, there is nothing that can be said to console or compensate for this type of personal injury.  For them, numbness and disbelief must pass into rage and anger before acceptance and healing can begin.  And this will be a life long process.

I feel compelled to bring about a more peaceful and equitable world.  One light in the darkness lights up the whole place, so I take my music into those places too.  It’s my job.

RADIATE was written shortly after one highly publicized public shooting, nearly identical to Aurora. Makes me wonder: can this ever be stopped? 

What strikes me like a bullet to the brain is the paradoxical nature intrinsic to an incident like this: in an instant everything changes and yet everything remains the same.

Certainly everything changes for the survivors of this trauma – the moms & dads, sisters & brothers, girlfriends & boyfriends the friends & classmates - their lives will never ever be the same.  In many ways there lives are over.  Even us silent media voyeurs loose something in ourselves, just like they did.

But nothing also happens.  Dare I say – there won’t be any new-n-improved gun control laws.  The interests of manufactures, share holders & owners rights to bear such devices would scream a sick ironic bloody murder if “regulation” were to cut into their quarterly profits or gun touting freedom.  And all too often, the officials elected to protect and serve the public interest were not really elected for that purpose at all.  That is part of the myth of our “democracy”. Many officials are unofficially representing corporate brand names. After all, corporations are people too.

These are the “Bastards”, that writer Hunter S. Thompson tried to warn us about.  The “War Profiteers” will never decide to stop profiteering. 

I use the word war here because there is a war going on – right here in this country – in your town - in your living room – on your computer – smart phone and in your heart.  Call it good vs. evil if you want.

Believe me when I say, I have no sympathy or tolerance for the shooters.  For me, it is a little more than difficult to love an enemy like this…

War is waged on us using our own primal fear as the weapon of mass distraction.  Nearly every media moment is about killing, shooting, war, rape, fammon, drought, too cold, too much heat.  Freaking ice sheets twice the size of Manhattan breaking off Greenland…
I feel afraid – don’t you?

Makes any normal “sane” person reach for the emergency break – except - we all know deep down - there isn’t one.  We feel, the helplessness, the heart beat rises as the speed picks up – like an out of control roller coaster ride - knowing that the whole thing can de-rail any second.  We don’t even have any seatbelts on here!

Being completely overwhelmed and distracted in mass is what keeps the evil so perfectly evil.

Somehow, buy means of faith, spiritual practice, or out and out numbness, most of us deal and go on with life as it is.

Unfortunately the weaker minded among us are even more venerable and less able to cope than we are.  The results are clear.

One light in the darkness lights up the whole place….

But you can’t stop perfectly perfect wickedness with a splash of water from tainted plastic bottle with a fake picture of mountains on it.

Feeling the fear and letting it go.  This is the first step to re-claiming your power and over coming the fear.  Notice I didn’t say ignore the fear.  Feeling it is a moment by moment process – learning to be focused instead of being distracted.

RADIATE LOVE instead and change your world. The world as it could be.

Realize that you are powerful and your dollars are powerful.  Small spending choices will change the way companies & organizations behave.  

Your money does not care where you spend it, but you should. If a company or organization is lying to you, stop giving them your money.

Have a look at your investment portfolio sometime.  Are your mutual funds investing in war, processed food, chemicals, oil & gas?  The super evil banking industry? (I love my teller though)

If so, consider researching and changing your funds to companies that are “B” rated. (Corporations that have by charter promised to up hold their moral obligation to protect the planet, the workers and still make a profit for the shareholders).  What Kind of food do you buy? Check out natural organic food growers & distributors.  Look into companies that are building the sustainable future in solar, electric cars, LED lights etc.  And definitely eliminate the war & banking sectors.   We can take away the power of evil by how we spend and invest our money.

I’m asking you to help me with this project because it is making a difference and with your help will continue…

Above all – RADIATE Love.  It will change everything.

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Rick Denzien

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